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Ethanol Wipes at Thomas ScientificEthanol Wipes found in: SterileWipe™ LP 10 Wipers, Sterile Vertex®  including disinfectants Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol, How to determine if your alcohol disinfecting wipes really16 Jul 2020 — Some alcohol disinfecting wipes may not actually prevent the spread of germs after testing low for isopropyl alcohol
Dangerous Ingredients In Your Favorite Wipes and  - uHoo7 Feb 2020 — Ethanol. Ethanol is a volatile chemical compound classified as simple alcohol. It's a common ingredient in wipes and disinfectant products, as alcohol wipes Results 1 - 16 of 2000+ — These wipes can gently clean glasses lenses, computer screens, and smartphones. They're even safeCOVID-19: How to make DIY disinfectant wipes at home14 May 2020 — For alcohol-based disinfectant wipes: Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (also known as grain alcohol); Water; Paper towels or cloths; An airtight STER-AHOL Wipe | Sterile Ethanol WipesPre-saturated denatured ethanol wipe. 70% ethanol, 30% WFI clean room sterile ethanol wipe. Gamma irradiated ethanol wipe. Individual packaged ethanol WipeClean Ethanol Disinfection 80 % wipes - Plum Ethanol disinfection 80 % does NOT contain soap and thus complies with the SSI recommendations of cleaning before disinfection. Approved in accordance 

10PCS Pack 75% Ethanol Wipes for Disinfecting and Cleaning

10PCS 1 pcs

Mini Wet Towel Wipes 75% Ethanol Non Woven Alcohol Cleaning Wipes

75% 1 pcs